Web Services

Web Services

Hosting Services provide the foundation for your website. The primary focus of our hosting department is reliability and security. We strive to and succeed in keeping our servers up 99.999% of the time. For more hosting information, please see the OnYourMark, LLC website at www.OnYourMark.com or ProgrammerHELP.com, a division of OnYourMark, LLC.

Website Hosting

Our web hosting service includes an hour each month of our time, devoted to whatever we believe to be in the best interest of the great majority of our clients.   This time is usually devoted to upgrading technology, such as spam control, or Internet marketing on behalf of all clients.   Our monthly hosting also includes a subscription to PromoSupport News, our email newsletter.   PromoSupport gives you a peek “behind the scenes” to learn about the ways we’re keeping your website current.   PromoSupport also includes Internet marketing tips and our popular “Ask the Pro” section.

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Email Services

OnYourMark, LLC provides clients with up to fifteen email addresses with hosting. Additional email boxes are available at nominal charge. We provide outstanding email protection services, including anti-spam and anti-virus via the Postini Perimeter Manager. We also offer easy-to-use tutorials on email setup, spam control and more!

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Server Management

We can manage your server in our facilities, your facility and even in other colocation facilities. We offer website and email server management on many platforms.

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Colocation Services

Need colocation facilities in the metro Milwaukee area? Whether you have one system, a shelf, or a rack, we can cost-effectively provide colocation for your equipment or help you setup servers. Our colocation facilities are located in Wisconsin’s “Communications Hotel” at Suite 512 of the Wells Building, 324 E. Wisconsin Ave. in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Home to the likes of AT&T, Sprint, MCI, Norlight Communications and others, the building is an Internet Connectivity Haven in downtown Milwaukee.

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